Through our initiative, we intend to support orphans in the West Kenyan
village of Kadongo situated near Kisumu city.

These children have no financial means to pay the required school fees, and therefore have no chance of acquiring any kind of professional training what-
soever. Our support will first of all enable the orphans to have access to
basic education.

For those boys and girls who cannot be admitted into boarding schools, we
opt to arrange for alternative accommodation and care.

We are convinced that education and subsequent training will alleviate
the suffering of the children and possibly prevent at long last the mass povertry
currently threatening this region.
Message from Madam Chief of Kadongo
School Sponsorship
Nursery School Sponsorship
Sustaining Members
The region lies in a poorly accessible valley in the vicinity of Lake Victoria, about 15 km west of Kisumu town and about 8 km south of the equator
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